June 9, 2023

Exciting happenings in performing arts, surfing, and culture

Daily tours of the famous Sydney Opera House are offered from 9am to 5pm.
Whether you love music, sports or culture, there’s something happening in Sydney in the next few months that you’re sure to enjoy. Add these fun events to your travel itinerary to make the trip that much more memorable.

For Lovers of the Performing Arts
Sydney Festival combines the best of the world’s performing and visual arts in a full-on celebration. The festival brings performances to some of Sydney’s best venues, as well as to unique places. The diverse offerings of the festival range from late-night burlesque to cutting-edge dance, international theater, and all different styles of music. Next year’s festival takes place from January 9-26, with options for every taste and budget.

For Surfing Enthusiasts
From February 8-16, 2014, the Hurley Australian Open of Surfing will arrive on Manly Beach. The nine-day festival will combine action sports, music, art, fashion and skateboarding – all for free – along with the some of the world’s best surfers. Celebrate youth culture, innovation, and athleticism at this exciting event.

For Culture Seekers
Opera lovers can indulge in their passion at the Handa Opera on Sydney Harbor by taking in a performance of “Madama Butterfly.” The show runs from March 21 to April 12, 2014, with packages available for travel and special experiences that will make it a night to remember. Over at the Sydney Opera House, a full lineup of events can be found, as well as daily tours that envelop visitors in the stories, history, and magic of the famed venue.

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