April 2, 2023

Taking a vacation can be a lot of fun, but the most challenging and time-consuming part is the actual planning process. You want to make sure that you properly plan so you can enjoy your time away. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, check out online tools and resources, which makes it easier to plan your next getaway. You can better organize your tickets and outline a full itinerary. Google Trips is a tool that makes planning trips a breeze. Keep reading to learn how Google Trips can help you better plan and organize your next vacation.

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Even for the un-tech-savvy, it’s easy to use Google Trips. The app is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded on to your mobile device. If you prefer, you can also browse and use the tool from your computer.

For starters, if you already use Gmail as your primary email address, you’ll see your upcoming and past flight and hotel reservations within the app under “Reservations.” These bookings will automatically sync into the tool. This is a simple way to keep your reservations more organized all in one place. You can easily take a look at all of the essential details for each reservation.

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With the app, your trips are organized by town or city. Within each trip, you’ll see different sections that you can click into to learn more. When you click into “Things to do,” you’ll find suggested area attractions and activities. When you click on “Food and drink” you’ll find area restaurants, bars, and eateries. In “Discounts” you can learn more about area savings opportunities for hotels, activities, and rental cars. The “Getting around” section has important transportation information and a helpful area guide.

Arguably the best part of the app is the “Day plans” section. Here, you will find suggested itineraries for your trip. You can find half-day and full day adventures as well as several days of recommended fun. This section makes planning stress-free because it requires less time researching activities and attractions. Google does all the work for you!

You can also add places to the “saved places” section. Go back later and check out your list of saved attractions and activities. If you have your cellular data enabled, you can get directions instantly, all from within the app.

You can have a great trip without the added stress of thinking ahead. Take your trip planning to the next level and keep your travel plans more organized with apps like Google Trips.

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