March 20, 2023

Spending a sunny afternoon poolside can make any day better. When taking a trip, many people look for a hotel that has a great outdoor pool—especially during the summer. But, sometimes the best hotels with pools may be fully booked—or you have no control over the hotel that you stay at—like on a work trip. The good news is you can pay to use a luxury hotel pool for just a few hours or even a whole afternoon. Many hotels and resorts offer access to their pool and other facilities for a set fee. This is a fun way to enjoy some extra pool time on your next trip.

Several apps let you browse available hotels and resorts in your area. Choose an app, browse your destination, and choose a pool or other offering that works well for you.

Here are some excellent apps that will let you purchase pool day passes.


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Then, all you need to do is book a pass and pay! You’ll show up to the hotel or club that you’ve purchased a day pass for and show your ticket. The staff will give you a key card that allows for easy access. It’s that simple! Prices and hours will vary by location. You may be able to book pool passes, workout facilities, spa passes, and even cabana rentals.

These resources offer a convenient and simple solution. If you’re staying at a hotel without a pool, you can get access to a nearby resort pool. For those traveling with a free afternoon and nothing to do, it’s an excellent way to make your trip more fun. Don’t have a pool at your home? This is also a great option if you’re looking to take a staycation in your city and want to lounge poolside.

Before booking, be sure to look into the conditions and the hours listed. Start planning your next poolside adventure today!

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