April 2, 2023

Airport lounges offer a relaxing place to sit and hang out before you board a flight. If you have an airport lounge membership or if you pay for day passes, you’ll want to make sure you always know where the best lounges are located. While not all airports have them, many of the bigger airports have several options located in various parts of the airport. There’s an easy-to-use tool that can help you discover the best-rated lounges the next time you find yourself at the airport!

LoungeBuddy is a mobile app that makes it easy to learn about the best airport lounges. You can search for a specific airport and will be shown a list of available lounges. For larger airports with several terminals, you can easily see where each lounge is located. After clicking into a specific lounge, you’ll see photos, amenities, hours, and other essential details. You can even see user reviews, so you’ll get a feel for whether that specific lounge is worth visiting or if you should head to another one instead. You can also leave a review to help other travelers.

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One of the coolest things about this app is it will clearly show you how to access each lounge. If they sell day passes, the rate will be listed. Lounges that can be accessed with a Priority Pass membership or with a particular credit card or elite airline status will also be noted. This makes it easy to plan your airport experience, and it makes it simple to know which lounges you will be able to visit. If you plan to use the app regularly, you can add your membership and credit card details in your settings, and it will always show the lounges that apply to your situation.

If you don’t currently have an airport lounge membership, you can still benefit from this tool. Some participating lounges allow you to book a day pass through the LoungeBuddy app. You’ll choose your lounge location, date, and visiting time and then will be able to pay within the app. Just show the payment receipt when you arrive at the lounge.

While this app is currently only available for iOS, you can easily use the LoungeBuddy website to search for lounges at a specific airport. If you’re a fan of airport lounges, you’ll want to check out this free, easy-to-use app. It’ll make your travel and airport life easier.

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