March 27, 2023

A Monograms Local Host offers tips for exploring Venice

This year, Monograms is offering 11 travel packages in Venice: a 4-day Venice Getaway; a 7-day Venice & Rome vacation; a 10-day Rome, Florence & Venice option; and the 16-day Sorrento, Rome, Flroence, Venice & Lake Maggiore trip.

Monograms guests stay in the heart of the action in Venice at hand-selected hotels, get the VIP treatment by skipping lines at the must-see sights, and avoid stress thanks to transportation to and around their destination. In addition, Monograms provides travelers their own, on-site Local Host to help personalize their experience.

Igor Scomparin is one of Monograms’ Local Hosts in Venice. Here are a handful of Igor’s insider tips for travelers visiting Venice this year.

1. Visit Venice in the autumn. It’s less crowded and the weather is unbeatable.

2. Enjoy the lively Rialto Market in the morning (before the big cruise ships dock) to see the “catch of the day,” while smelling the scents of tomatoes, apricots, peaches and cherries.

3. For a less crowded, more local and artistic view of Venice, go to Castello, one of Venice’s six historic sestieri (districts).

4. All canals lead to St. Mark’s Square, but watch out for shoulder-to-shoulder crowds. Visit the Square early in the morning or late in the evening – it will feel as quiet as it was in Casanova’s day. If you arrive by 8 AM, the 950-year-old Basilica is open to worshippers for morning mass.

5. Gondolas are great, but they can be expensive. Consider taking a vaporetti or public water taxi.

6. Another great, off-the-beaten path neighborhood is Cannaregio, featuring the Jewish district of Venice.

7. Many people know about Venice’s famous Bellini’s, but try ordering a Spritz (a nice and refreshing cocktail).

8. And, for a late-night dinner visit Campo Santa Margherita – a main square where locals, university students and travelers converge for a Venetian night out.

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