March 22, 2023

Mexico City is home to history, archeological sites, museums, galleries, and more

Spend your first day in Mexico City adjusting to the 7,352-foot altitude – drink a lot of water and enjoy a relaxed itinerary.
Mexico City’s diverse range of tourism offerings covers
everything from UNESCO World Heritage sites to museums and traditional neighborhoods
steeped in culture and history. Here are a few of the sites you should consider
visiting, and tips for vacationing in this amazing city.

In response to an increasing number of visitors – 12.5
million in 2012 alone – Mexico City is seeing the creation of new hotels,
restaurants and attractions. In terms of hotels, Mexico City has some 600
properties, and has seen one hotel open every month for the last three years.
Of these accommodations, more than 80 are five-star hotels, 100 are four-star
and many others are boutique luxury properties.

Attractions in the city include 31 historical and
archeological sites – four of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites – 175
museums and 100 galleries. Many of the city’s tourists attractions are
concentrated in the historic center. A few of the major highlights include the
Plaza de la Constitucion (or Zocalo), the National Palace, Metropolitan
Cathedral, archeological site Templo Mayor, Palace of Fine Arts and Alameda

Other attractions in Mexico City include orchestras and concerts
all year long, colonial neighborhoods full of culture and a variety of
traditional and contemporary cuisines.

Transportation options for visitors include hiring a car and
guide, hopping on a double-decker Turibus, taking a subway or renting one of
the 4,000 Ecobici bikes that are available at 270 bike stations in 17 parts of
the city.

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