April 2, 2023

Your Travel Insider was always the first place for your best travelling tips worldwide – and this time, we turn our gaze to delicious cuisine of Greece – and you simply have to try it! Here, we will short a list of foods that are simply a must once you come to Greece; and we hope you leave with some tasty recipes to bring back home, too.

The Greek Foods

The basics. Olive oil is the staple of Greek cuisine, but don’t let it fool you – olive oil is rarely used for frying; more often than not, it is used as a seasoning. Also, Greeks use a lot of spices in their cuisine, mainly oregano, basil, thyme, mint, and some others. It’s a taste bonanza!

Lazarakias are special pastry made on Lazarus saturday; they are spice breads in the shape of a man covered with a burial shrouds, and they’re eaten to commemorate the resurrection of Lazarus of Bethany. They’re usually covered with olive oil somewhat in order to give them their sparkly appearance once they’re baked.

Kalamata olives. These are large, firm olives of rich olives of bright purple color that are usually preserved in vinegar or olive oil itself; they’re generally used as salads or table olives.

Psarosoupa 'fish soup' can be made with a variety of fish (usually kokkinopsaro) and several kinds of vegetables (carrots, parsley, celery, potatoes, onion), several varieties include the classic kakavia which is drizzled with olive oil.

Gyros is world famous and odds are that you have already tried it: pieces of lamb, pork or chicken meat fried on a spike, cut in bits and mixed with baked potatoes; all of that is rolled in pita goodness. Even if you have tried it before, you simply have to try it in Greece.

Moussaka – while this dish is typically Arabian, it has grown in popularity in Greece enough to be considered a national dish. It is a casserole of eggplants, minced meat and Béchamel sauce, baked in the oven until the flavor reaches its full potential.

Sofrito refers to a specific dish native to, and almost exclusively to be found on, the island of Corfu. Sofrito is a veal steak slow-cooked in a white wine, garlic and herb sauce, and is usually served with rice. Don’t mix it up with a rather similar, but distinct, Spanish dish.

Feta is the famous sheep cheese made in brine, thus obtaining its trademark salt flavor. You have to try the Greek kind, it is unique!

Now What?

So, you've read the article and your mouth is probably watering up. Have no fear, that is a typical reaction to our delicious cuisine! Now, the only thing you have to do is hop onto that plane and get over here to try it for yourself. If you're not in mood for travel, there are always such nice places on the great wide web, such as vegas winner casino online, that can carter to your needs. But if you're into some special place, that has good food to boot, then Greece is the place for you.

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