June 9, 2023

Most travelers can agree that not all airlines offer the same experience. Some companies go above and beyond to create an enjoyable flying experience for their customers. You may be wondering which airlines are the best. We have some favorite brands that provide extra perks to their passengers—and these extra touches don’t go unnoticed. Keep reading to see which airlines you need to book with the next time you fly.

JetBlue Airways Offers Free Wi-Fi + Direct TV On Their Flights

Just because you’re 40,000 feet in the air doesn’t mean you won’t want to access the Internet. Many airlines offer Wi-Fi access mid-flight, but they charge a premium fee for the service. You’ll be happy to know that JetBlue includes this offering at no extra cost. Dubbed Fly-Fi, it’s available on all flights as soon as passengers board the plane.

If you’re missing your favorite TV show due to a scheduled flight, you’ll also appreciate that JetBlue offers Direct TV on their flights. Depending on the aircraft that you’re flying, you’ll have access to a certain amount of live TV channels. Now you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite show!

Southwest Airlines Lets Passengers Bring Two Checked Bags

If you’re not a light packer, it can be stressful trying to meet each airline’s luggage weight and size restrictions. Travelers who book with Southwest Airlines can take advantage of the ability to bring two checked bags for free. This is a great perk for those who are traveling for many days or with their whole family.

Another Southwest Airlines perk that we love is their no-change fee policy! If your plans change after booking a flight, just contact Southwest Airlines. You’ll only pay the difference in flights and never an additional change fee.

Hawaiian Airlines Serves Up Free Food (and a Drink on Hawaii Flights!)

Complimentary meals on domestic flights are mostly not a thing anymore—you’re lucky if you get a pack of pretzels. That’s not the case with Hawaiian Airlines. You get to enjoy free meals and snacks when flying on their North America, South Pacific, and Asia routes.

Another thing to love about Hawaiian Airlines is their complimentary alcoholic beverage, which is served on flights to and from Hawaii. You’ll enjoy a signature Mai Tai—that’s right, even if you forgot to book a first class ticket you get to enjoy this perk.

Bring Home Wine for Free When Flying with Alaska Airlines

Are you planning to visit a destination that has fantastic wine? You’ll want to book with Alaska Airlines! You can check a case of wine for free if you’re an Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan member. This perk is available when flying out of one of their 29 West Coast cities. This is an excellent way to bring home a piece of your trip.

The airline you choose to book with for your next flight matters. Flying with an airline that offers extra perks can make your whole trip more enjoyable.

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